Southern Ghost: Your Haunted House Highway


Myrtles Plantation


The south is known for its deep historic roots in the formation of the United States, but as we all know with great history comes great stories and tales terrifying and captivating seeping into the back bones of southern estate.  From century old plantation houses to colonial farm homes comes a vast variety of haunted houses.

  1. Teri says:

    Love ghost stories!

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  2. Dustin Fleming says:

    I absolutely love hearing about these historic places that house such ghastly stories of the way of life in this cryptic cajun country called Louisiana. This page reminds me of so many places that I was told to stay away from when I was a kid…but whoever listened and obeyed when you know that places like this exist. The stories told about these places are a part of my history today and they’re a part of all of our history because as the saying goes “curiosity killed the cat”… but it’s our nature to be curious and I love learning of these stories. This site and these stories have truly intrigued me and inspired me to visit more of these historic locations. Great Job

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